Music Learning Theory

Benefits of musical awareness

  • attention, concentration and memory stimulation
  • closer bond with the child
  • stimulation of dopamine when listening to music (feel-good hormones)
  • strengthening neural connections through movement to enhance the learning process
  • learning by imitation through the activation of mirror neurons.
  • learning through the senses: when listening and playing percussion instruments and manipulative materials, they not only receive auditory but also tactile and visual stimuli.
  • balance sense and proprioceptive sense (body awareness)
  • eye-hand and eye-hearing coordination
  • social skills and sense of belonging
  • enjoy cooperative games (collaborative learning)
  • understand object permanence (if something goes beyond their sight, they realize it still exists)
  • communication skills and development of musical intelligence
  • development of creativity

Little Sponge baby
From 0 to 12 months

Babbling brook toddler
From 13 to 36 months

8 babies in each group.
Sessions are in both english and french.
45 minutes each, once a week.



Learn to play the violin

The Suzuki method allows students to begin learning the instrument at the age of 4. It emphasizes learning, listening and practicing the instruments before solfege.

« Trying to understand children and accept them as they are and not as they should be seems to me essential. »


Who guides this class?

My name is Marisol Segura, I was born in Mexico City and started my musical journey playing the violin at 7 years old. Although my professional experience has been mostly playing in a professional orchestra, since 2013, my career has been oriented to teaching violin in projects for children's and youth orchestras, both in my country and in Sistema New Brunswick.

I have attended specialized workshops in music pedagogy of Kodaly and Dalcroze in Texas, USA and in Metz, France, respectively. Later, I began my violin training with the Suzuki method in Latin America and Montreal, giving me the essentials and suitable strategies to teach children starting from the age of four. I hold a certification in early childhood music based on Music Learning Theory (MLT) from the Gordon Music Education Institute in Spain.